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About Richard Green

This acknowledgement is an introduction to some and a remembrance to others of my Great Grand Father, Richard Green. I briefly met him at age 11 in 1962. I will never forget seeing him with his black buggy, he would store it in the barn at my Grandmother’s home in St. Matthews, SC.

My Grandma (Alfreda Green Frederick), Richard Green’s daughter, lived approximately around the corner from the Shiloh Baptist Church where she attended as a member and is buried on those grounds.

Area of Events


Amelia county, Calhoun, South Carolina, United States



Richard Green was a Fisherman and known to have sold cane syrup.


He was a member of the Old Jerusalem Church in Fort Motte, SC.



His burial location is at True Blue Cemetery, just as you walk up the set of wooden stairs with the Burial State Marker 9|13 on your left; he is a few feet inward on your right.

My Great Grandfather Richard Green's parents were Peter and Laura Green; he had many siblings and children. In the 1940 Census, two Grandsons - Henry Jr. and Richard, the children of his son, Henry Sr. resided in the household of Richard Green and second wife Lana.
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