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You can send a check to: 
Melvin Howell
PO Box 1756
Powder Springs, GA 30127. 

To donate via PayPal, click button below:

Thank you for your kind support.
When we visit the graves of our family and forefathers, we like to see that they have been neatly mowed and trimmed, but have you considered who does the mowing and trimming or who pays for that service for that cemetery? This care needs to be funded throughout the year.
Your well-received financial support is thoughtfully used and never abused. Your donations support:
•    Cemetery Maintenance
•    Website Maintenance
•    Stationery and Supplies
•    Prizes and Awards
•    Scholarships, Projects and more …

Your donation of $50 annually will support this initiative. We appreciate any amount of your donations throughout the year.

Donations acceptable in checks and PayPal. 

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